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Common Sense Tips to Keep You From Burning Your Own Brand

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Use social media to interact, engage and have fun, but be smart about it.
Entrepreneur.com Article

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Is Common Sense Really that Common?

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Dear entrepreneurs,

Wow! So much has changed over the past few months. The requests for R.J.COLE exclusive designs are coming in. The emails informing me about my fine work have  become consistant and more importantly my name is spreading. I have learned so much, and to be truthful I’ve learned to accept and value the learning experinces from other professionals. I am building a brand, although I am smack right in the beginning I believe in my business so much that I feel a sensation in my mind and heart just thinking about it. My goal is to remain creative and inspired by keeping informative and optimistic people in the loop. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stay inspired while surrounded by unenthusiastic and pessimistic people? It is impossible, unless you ignore them, but then why keep them circle? You are not invited to join me on my journey to success and expect me to turn a blind eye to your negative lifestyle and way of thinking. There are rules to this whole entrepreneur game. You either win or you loose.  As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to value the benefits of common knowledge. I am not saying that I have it all figured because I don’t. I will say this, I have an expanding client list and the feedback is usually amazing and positive. Do you have a basic system or  strategy geared toward building your business that would be considered just good old common sense?


Hey…I’m the designer here.

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Dear entrepreneurs,

I am not a fan of letting my clients tell me exactly how they would like their  R.J.COLE designs to be. If  I allowed my clients to provide me with every little detail for their design, can I really call it an R.J.COLE design? What do you think?


What Dreams May Come

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

I received calls this morning requesting that 8 of  my R.J.COLE designs to be shipped immediately to clients for their upcoming red carpet events. I then logged into my blog and my stats read that 5,000 people visited my blog over night while I was sleeping. Soon after I had awakened I received a call from the New York Times and they’ve asked to interview me to discuss the success of blog and today’s business trends. My name is spreading about my success and  word has got out that I recently designed amazing body jewelry for Halle Berry and Lady GaGa. THEN I WOKE UP. Yes, it is all a dream. Does it seem far fetched that I have dreams like this? Kanye West locked himself in a basement every summer producing master pieces and sooner than later he sold memorable beats from that same basement, collaborated on tracks with Jay-Z and now has an album with Jay-Z. “To dream the impossible dream.” Arnold Schwarzenegger was a body builder from Austria and now he is the former governor of California. You must have a dream. What is your dream worth to you?

R.J.COLE is on the Rise


Talking the Talk Pt 2

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

The “talkers” are the people who are in this game with their hats on backwards. Know what I mean? You aren’t doing me any favors by setting me up on a blind date with Mr. False Hope. STOP AHEAD; CAUTION; WRONG TURN. No time wasting allowed here. Read the signs.

Recently a buddy of mine agreed to do something for me and my business. He did not stand by his word and in fact I felt taken advantage of. I did my part now you do yours. Should this bridge be burned? Or should it be left as water under the bridge? However, I am knee deep in frustration. What do you think?

R.J.COLE is on the rise.


Article: Protect Yourself

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This new law changes what makes an idea patentable or not, and the way others can challenge a new patent during the “post-grant review” process. And, most important, the act moves from a first-to-invent basis to a first-to-file basis, which rewards the first person to file for a patent instead of the first person to think of the idea behind the patent.                                                                                                                                                                                                  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220039

Talking the Talk

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

The talkers, all they do is talk, talk, talk. They elevate your hopes only to leave you disappointed and to some extent even bitter.  Please stop wasting everyone’s energy and time. Spare me! You “talkers” are not doing me any favors by trying to convince me that you will be one of my loyal customers or promising to purchase from my business and then I never hear from you again. Try to distance yourself from people who don’t follow through with their word or who will only deliver  false hopes. They are a waste of your business’ time and energy. Maybe it is best for everyone to just to build a business through referrals which is easier said than done. However, every business can not be solely built from referrals, so if it is not your intent to become a supportive, respected and loyal customer…YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY WITH ENTREPRENEURS TIME AND ENERGY.

Have you ever had someone build your excitement level up regarding your business and you never hear from the person again? Tell your story.

Article: http://www.entrepreneur.com/blog/219702

Is Rich Business Poor Business?

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“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”
-Henry Ford
Do you agree or disagree?

Enjoy Most of What You Do

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Dear entrepreneurs,

New ideas for my accessories and jewelry have been pouring out of my head. I’ve been designing new accessories for 3 weeks straight. I am so very excited because this means that I have to go shopping for the supplies. Throughout my start up process I find that the creating and building my exquisite ideas is a lot more fascinating.

“Yeah, I love sitting on the phone holding for 15 minutes with questions about trademarks, business registration, health regulations and patents.”

I value the moments when I can put the boring stuff away such as research and imperative paper work to make my accessories. These are the best times . I feel like a new mom for every piece that I make. Hey, don’t make fun. All of my R.J.COLE accessories are my babies…well until I actually have real babies. That would be weird.

R.J.COLE is on the rise.

Dude, Where’s My Design?

In One of a Kind on June 15, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Dear entrepreneurs,

I went out for a lovely evening with my fiancee to see a movie. The movie was hilarious; we laughed until our faces hurt. So, right before the ending of the flick, what do I see? I see my signature piece/ accessory on one of the actresses in the movie. I want to be clear, it was not exactly my accessory, however it was pretty dam close. Too close for comfort. That is when and where the melt down happened, well the adult temper tantrum. My poor fiancee didn’t know what hit him or what could have stressed me so quickly. If I had to choose an emotion I felt at that moment and the rest of the entire weekend, it would certainly be frustration. I thought back to all of those late nights of me working on that particular piece. I began to feel that my creation became irrelevant, I still feel that way. When I saw my design in this years summer block buster movie, it made me feel like my idea had just been snatched right from underneath me. “What can you do?” It was hard not to think back to how I felt before leaving the house that particular night. I was able to say I had never seen an exquisite accessory like the one I’d created that’s in my home office.

I cannot afford for this to happen again. However, R.J.COLE is on the rise.