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Hey…I’m the designer here.

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Dear entrepreneurs,

I am not a fan of letting my clients tell me exactly how they would like their  R.J.COLE designs to be. If  I allowed my clients to provide me with every little detail for their design, can I really call it an R.J.COLE design? What do you think?



The Motivation

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

I designed and produced 3 more accessories this weekend and I feel fantastic. My goal was to produce just one, but I felt so motivated about the first design that I just kept going and ended up with 3 new one of a kind accessories (OOAK). This is what I call being productive. I think it has a lot to do with me creating an organized, quiet and productive work environment. It is my goal to have a beautiful all white design studio in New York City or Los Angelas, but until then all I have is my petite and charming home office/ design studio in Jersey. Does it matter where you create beauty? Should it matter? There are so many people who will judge your service or product based off where it was produced. Honestly, who gives a dam? Do you? You? You? Anybody? Just worry about what night of the week you plan to wear my R.J.COLE piece and let me worry about producing a beautiful piece for you.

R.J.COLE is on the rise.


Entrepreneur.com Article: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/202566

Dude, Where’s My Design?

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Dear entrepreneurs,

I went out for a lovely evening with my fiancee to see a movie. The movie was hilarious; we laughed until our faces hurt. So, right before the ending of the flick, what do I see? I see my signature piece/ accessory on one of the actresses in the movie. I want to be clear, it was not exactly my accessory, however it was pretty dam close. Too close for comfort. That is when and where the melt down happened, well the adult temper tantrum. My poor fiancee didn’t know what hit him or what could have stressed me so quickly. If I had to choose an emotion I felt at that moment and the rest of the entire weekend, it would certainly be frustration. I thought back to all of those late nights of me working on that particular piece. I began to feel that my creation became irrelevant, I still feel that way. When I saw my design in this years summer block buster movie, it made me feel like my idea had just been snatched right from underneath me. “What can you do?” It was hard not to think back to how I felt before leaving the house that particular night. I was able to say I had never seen an exquisite accessory like the one I’d created that’s in my home office.

I cannot afford for this to happen again. However, R.J.COLE is on the rise.