Let me introduce myself!

Ronnetta Coleman is a proud Buffalo, New York native who has always held aspirations of being a designer dear to her heart. She departed from her hometown to study at the International Academy of Design and Technology of Chicago, Illinois in 2002. Soon after leaving the city of Chicago Ronnetta began studying Business Administration at the Erie Community College in Williamsville, New York.

In 2007 a promising opportunity had been presented to Ronnetta enabling the inspiring designer to move to New York City to follow her career objectives. She has now been living in the Metropolitan Area for 5 years. She is currently studying Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Mid-town Manhattan and running a small business named LOVELY BOUND by R.J.COLE. The business has been up and running for a steady year with consistent sales.

Business Description

R.J.COLE is a jewelry and body accessories small business. The business offers a variety of customized jewelry and body accessories for all women.  The R.J.COLE collection is solely designed by its founder, Ronnetta J. Coleman. It is a persistent goal to supply the best quality merchandise for her lady clientele. “I feel that there is a need to revolutionize how accessories are exhibited on a woman’s body and perceived by most of the American population since it has yet to be done. I want to revolutionize how women accessorize.” She produces exquisite custom trend setting designs for the modern-day working girls, socialites, very special brides and you. Ronnetta’s desire is to assemble a well-built professional reputation by designing unparalleled accessories. R.J.COLE has an advantage and skill of forecasting stunning looks and trends for women.

Most of the R.J.COLE pieces are constructed of natural beads, 14K gold, sterling silver, fresh water pearls and soon leather materials and more. The R.J.COLE business is a gift from the designer to the contemporary woman.

Currently two LOVELY BOUND accessories have been selected to be presented in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s “New Works” exhibition. Furthermore, her collection will be featured in an inspiring film in the summer of 2012.

“This is a very important and exciting time in my life. I’ve always wanted to be a successful designer creating unparalleled design work for women. My ability to contribute to women’s Style will always mesmerize me, my supporters and the rest of world.”

Website Coming Soon!


Ronnetta j. Coleman

Founder and creator

  1. Im with you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ms. Coleman, I can serve as a witness to the unique accessories you have designed! I fully expect that the word will spread and that soon you will get the market share that you deserve. Job well done! Hector Figueroa, J.D.

    • Thank you Hector. I am working extremely hard on building my wonderful business. I feel great; I just sent out another invoice to another wonderful client.

      Lunch, lunch, lunch Mr.


  3. Im so proud of you your an inspiration to us all keep moving forward and always stay positive.

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