From the Trap House to the Board Room

In Ambition, Goals, Motivation, Progress, R.J.COLE, Success on November 15, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Dear Entrepreneurs,

You have to admit that from time to time it is easy to admire the professionalism of successful entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs who weren’t always rolling in cash and arouse to a life of luxury. I bet that various entrepreneurs can remember a time when slang and street talk was their first language and when black hoodies and sneakers was their everyday uniform. So now, time has passed and you have achieved exceptional heights of success. People from all over the globe adore you, what you represent as well as what you stand for. You have become a business man or woman. The perfect example would have to be Mr. Jay-Z. This man has made his way from the trap house to the boardroom. Many are curious to know as to how you can become so famous and successful and not lose yourself. Not every person knows how to leave the street on the street and convey a professional man or woman in the boardroom. However, there are celebs and business professionals who don’t know how to bring the two together without eventually eliminating one or the other. One or the other meaning your true self and the new successful person you have now become.

Can you stay true to yourself after gaining phenomenal successful? Is it easier said than done?

R.J.COLE is on the rise.


  1. We have to remember that people who make it to superstardom from the street life are the EXTREME exception. The best (and surest) way to become successful is to head for the boardroom straight from the start. As for losing yourself, as long as you aren’t cought up in negitivity or unconfortable with who you are becoming all change is just your natural evolution as a person. Everyone SHOULD change and evolve throughout their lives. Anyone who doesn’t change is for all intents and purpose dead.

    …or possibly literally dead

  2. Hard work can get you far, along with some talent

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