Talking the Talk Pt 2

In frustration, relationships, reliability on August 22, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Dear Entrepreneurs,

The “talkers” are the people who are in this game with their hats on backwards. Know what I mean? You aren’t doing me any favors by setting me up on a blind date with Mr. False Hope. STOP AHEAD; CAUTION; WRONG TURN. No time wasting allowed here. Read the signs.

Recently a buddy of mine agreed to do something for me and my business. He did not stand by his word and in fact I felt taken advantage of. I did my part now you do yours. Should this bridge be burned? Or should it be left as water under the bridge? However, I am knee deep in frustration. What do you think?

R.J.COLE is on the rise.


  1. very well said. I’m a big believer of forgiveness, so let’s call it water under the bridge. move forward with god in your life . Miss u xoxo

  2. I agree. It’s not a good or wise idea to burn bridges, especially when you are starting your business. You might get to a point in your business where you will actually need that person who may not have been a professional at the time.


  3. Its water under da bridge cuz he knew his part N if he didn’t do it then he never intended too !!! No need to cry over spilled milk an no need to hold da grudge jus Neva rely on him or anything he says

    • Thanks Lahson,

      I’ve learned that it is difficult. Is this another “talker” opportunity; an opportunity for the both of us or finally my big opportunity? I think that entrepreneurs/ we are more open to vulnerability. Is the vulnerability actually my thirst and hunger for success? Maybe! However, sooner or later these sorts of situations will let us know which team is in the game with our hats on backwards.

  4. I love this posting. I think you should always let the person know how they feel, this way all the bullshit will come out and then you will really know if you can trust this person again or not.

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