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In Ambition on August 5, 2011 at 10:47 pm

Dear Entrepreneurs,

So, I believe that every idea that I have is a brilliant idea. Most would call me narcissistic and shallow, but as an entrepreneur isn’t it my entrepreneurial right to believe that my ideas are the best and then give myself the green light to follow through with them? Well, if I don’t who will? I hope I have not mislead you all into thinking that this blog isn’t for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

We break our necks to attend every fashion forward, trendy event in New York City just to show off our idea or invention in hopes that we bump into the right person that will contribute to making our dreams come true. It never matters how great you are, we could all use a little help and support, but at the same time we risk exposing our ideas to the invisible snacks who will grab hold of our million dollar idea and not let go only for us to discover weeks or months later that they have become famous or a millionaire…due to our sweat.

The rewards are great once you’ve received success from your business. It allows us to acquire our dream homes, cars, travels, the perfect body’s and brighter futures for our unborn children. But, it’s hard not to become blinded by the New York City diet. The city of dreams forces you to fall under many pressures such being thin or thinner, to have one of a kind designer clothing rather if its in season or from your local thrift store, the city tells you your poor or wealthy, or that your job is crap and will or will not allow you to start saving for your family before you even have a family and also the mother pressure to be on top of the world or at least the highest in the atmosphere (financially). You walk on 7th avenue and you see a Maybach go by, you either think two things: whose in it/ owns it or when or if you ever will have one of your own. But the question that enters my mind is when will I get my Aston Martin from my successful business earnings. The city has a way of making you feel like you did something wrong in your life or you are doing something extraordinary well.

“Do not trust people. They are capable of greatness.”

-Stanislaw Lem

  1. Love that you’re going through this important phase in your life. Looking forward to seeing great things!!!

    • Hi Charu,

      There has definitely been some blood, sweat and tears. What is anything worth if you don’t laugh or cry about it? It is very important to me to find out how other entrepreneurs are feeling and dealing out there.

      Many thanks!


  2. Would it be wrong to say that all the sweat n hard work that uve put n works as the motivational energy to never give up? NYC themind of possibility, the light that makes u believe there’s a billboard to display ur product around one of these corners, keep seeking. One that has full knowlwdge of the futures responsibility can only prepare and be rightfully equipped for the trial and error phase of business. So many faces you’ll see on the way up guiding you with advice until you blossom that’s when the pool gets scarce as you progress and accomplshh. I’ve noticed the relaxing stage once you scratch the surface of accomplishment it feels good but never relax. I guess where ur at reflects in your workmanship because success is defined by the eye of the author. After all I guess that The plan for the future is the best survival kit of NYC APPRECIATE THE PRESSURE

  3. As always, that was a very heartfelt post. I appreciate your honesty. I’m inspired to stay focus.

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