Through the Fire

In frustration on July 25, 2011 at 9:27 pm

Dear Entrepreneurs,

How do you avoid infuriating  personal issues while running your business? Well… you can’t unless you are an emotional genius. It is just simpler to accept that emotions are apart of  life and that sometimes your feelings can get in the way of your day to day activities. It is vital that you learn how to control your emotions because believe it or not it may effect your work and most importantly your business and its success. Before you run through the fires of anger and frustration because of a relative, boyfriend, best friend or colleague, just cool your heels and reflect on how it will affect your business. Have you ever let a personal matter affect your business?

Good work + Sanity = Success


  1. I get it but I don’t your stronger than what I just read!

    • Leah,

      Many people don’t acknowledge that their emotions come into play in our everyday lives, but should we let it effect our ability to remain professional? We often see emotional meltdowns in the entertainment and sports industry. How many times have we seen basketball and baseball players have tantrums on the playing field without thinking about how it will effect their empire the following morning. An example we can use is Mary J.Blige, she has been very open about her addiction to drugs and her reason being self loathing and misguidance which has lead her to years of depression and sorrow. The list goes on and on. We mustn’t forget Miss Britney Spears. She totally allowed her emotions to get the best of her after her break up with Kevin Federline. For years we have witnessed how the “Mighty have Fallen” due to emotions.

      Check out this link: http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/entertainment/2011/03/03/infamous-celebrity-meltdowns/#slide=1



  3. It is especially vital to keep your emotions in check if you are a woman. When a woman loses her temper or shows that she is upset in a business situation it undermines her credibility as a professional.

  4. It’s hard. I have to be honest itcanbe hard. Sometimes life can get in the way of your dreams.

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