Enjoy Most of What You Do

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2011 at 9:49 am

Dear entrepreneurs,

New ideas for my accessories and jewelry have been pouring out of my head. I’ve been designing new accessories for 3 weeks straight. I am so very excited because this means that I have to go shopping for the supplies. Throughout my start up process I find that the creating and building my exquisite ideas is a lot more fascinating.

“Yeah, I love sitting on the phone holding for 15 minutes with questions about trademarks, business registration, health regulations and patents.”

I value the moments when I can put the boring stuff away such as research and imperative paper work to make my accessories. These are the best times . I feel like a new mom for every piece that I make. Hey, don’t make fun. All of my R.J.COLE accessories are my babies…well until I actually have real babies. That would be weird.

R.J.COLE is on the rise.

  1. Love what you are doing,and share in your excitement.you are a very positive individual,
    keep moving forward.

  2. I love that you love every aspect of your goals and accomplishments I love you and all of R J Cole’s pieces sketches and developments I’m so proud bf keep it pushin baby!;)

    • I set my goals, both short and long term, and then do everything in my power to execute the goal. It’s just that I realized that it takes hard damn work from morning to night. The smallest tasks can be such a long and drawn out process when it comes to building your business. It is best to realize sooner than later that patience is a virtue. It can make or break your short and long term goals.

      R.J.COLE is on the rise


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